Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Arod Finally Gets Hit Single in October

After receiving countless “Bronx boos,” and criticism in the press, Yankees third baseman, Alex Rodriguez finally drops a single in October. Arod, 2007’s AL MVP, has been known to choke under pressure - specifically in crucial October playoff games. “He can never come up with a hit in October. It’s that simple,” says loyal long-time New York fan and Queens native James Fratto.

Arod’s single has been on the radio stations for over a week now, and is properly titled, “Mo Money, No Problems.” Also on the track is the once again popular rapper Lil’ Wayne, who has been a resurging artist in the Hip-Hop community. “I don’t like to disappoint my investors,” Arod said in reference to the countless Yankee fans that fund his astronomical salary. “I decided to collaborate with hit producer Timbaland, and finally generate a hit in October. I hope this puts an end to the criticism that has tarnished my career for the past decade,” Arod said. As of now, Arod’s single has yet to turn into a hit.