Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Crack Addict

There is no smooth transition into describing this guy. He is as abrupt as an unplanned pregnancy. He is like a child who lost his way. A loner, with a deeply disturbed past. His demeanor is…

Addict: “That’s the problem with the white man!”
Me: “I’m sorry?”
A: “You shouldn’t watch the chickens run!”
M: “What chickens?”
A: “I saw the bus coming. Don’t you tell me about the bus stop! I’m a grown man. Fuck you!”
M: “You spit on me.”
A: “Excabible dad grosh.”
M: “That’s not English…Well, I suppose dad is a word.”
A: “The fuck you ain’t.”
M: “I should be going now.”
A: “God bless you.”

What a nice man.