Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Cable Mobsters

Just received a fantastic piece of news in the mail today. This being my fifth bill out of five pieces of mail over the past month. (People care about me in my emails though, I swear.)

"As of October 15, 2012, an Internet Model Lease Fee will be applied to Time Warner cable provided Internet modems at a rate of $3.95 per month." 

I won't even go into the previous piece of mail, which was Time Warner hunting me down over a bill from 2007 from a completely different address.

Talk about balls. Did they learn this tactic from their HBO programming like Boardwalk Empire or The Sopranos? What a complete scam. You can just add money to a bill for "renting" a modem you're already paying for? This sounds like that stereotypical new mobster from Boardwalk Empire, Gyp Rosetti. If he sent me this letter, I'd completely understand. But, we're talking about a corporation here. Aren't corporations supposed to be honest and fair? "Oh, who's being naive now, Kay?"

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